Earn Money with Ms.Iconic

There are many ways to earn money with Ms.Iconic.

Affiliate Program

You can join our Affiliate Program and refer our products to people who may buy them.To know more of our Affiliate Program,click the following:

Ms.Iconic Affiliate Program

To regist as our affiliate,please click the following:

Application for Affiliate Program


Cash Reward Program

This program is set for customers who have ordered from Ms.Iconic.We all believe reviews only from used customers are more trustworthy.Share your jewelry pictures or video bought from us on TikTok ,Instagram ,hashtag msiconicjewelry and you will get reward according to the likes you get.Here is the rule.

Please send us screen print, your TikTok or Instagram name to sales@msiconic.com when you finish one of the level above for cash reward.



There are occasional giveaways on Msiconicjewelry Instagram and Tiktok channels every month.There will be lucky girls picked to get free fine jewelry.Plus if your photo is chosen to use as a product picture, you will get a 30% refund reward of the order you paid.

Our plan for giveaway amount in 2021 is more than 2700USD.Please follow msiconicjewelry on instagram or TikTok.We will post how to get the giveaways occasionally.